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" There are a variety of ways in which a pipe can become clogged. The two biggest factors in clogged pipes are nature and people.

When it comes to a clogged sewer main, most of the problem lies with Mother Nature. A common problem is root infiltration. As large plants and trees grow and develop, the roots seek out moisture and nutrients. Both of these can be found in the sewer main. When a joint is leaky, moisture and nitrogen rich minerals escape into the soil. Roots seek these out, then find themselves working their way into the opening. They then branch out into many smaller roots (or root cluster), so that the surface plant can take in more nutrients. While this is great for the plant, it allows any debris (grease, solids, non-soluble material) in the line to build up at that point, creating blockages. Other common obstacles that lead to debris build up include: offset joints which create a barrier, crumbling pipe segments, and pipe scaling which happens in older metal pipes when they age and corrode. Corroding pipes allow calcium and other minerals to build up inside the pipe, shrinking the space available for sewage to flow through and allowing debris to collect.

Clogs within laterals (the pipe that leads from a house or business to the sewer main) face many of the same obstacles that clog mains, with root infiltration and damaged pipe being the most common problem. Additionally, laterals are more susceptible to items that never should be put in the drain or flushed down the toilet, the human element. Cooking oil, grease, large solid items such as diapers and rages are more likely to become an obstruction in the smaller pipes (typically 4 inches) that are laterals, as opposed to the typical 8 inch pipes that comprise sewer mains. These potential barriers can cause normal debris to create a clog, increasing the risk of raw sewage backing up into a facility.

All of these problems can be tackled by Trenchless Pipe Solutions. Our root and sewer cutters can open up the obstruction, then one of the various Cured in Place Pipe methods at our disposal can be employed to fix the damage and prevent further problems in the future."



Trenchless Pipe Solutions LLC uses the most efficient pipeline maintenance and cleaning equipment on the market today to ensure the most thorough, efficient and cost effective cleaning and debris removal. Our specialized trucks and highly trained, experienced and courtesy staff provide professional pipeline maintenance in all settings.